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Workshop Catalog

We hope that you find some interesting workshops in the list below. If you would like to request a workshop for your department, please submit the request form.

  • What are WorkLife Workshops?
    WorkLife workshops assist Johns Hopkins employees in managing the competing demands of work, personal life, and academic pursuits. Topics include: work-life effectiveness, aging, finances, homeownership, parenting, and well-being. Your department may organize workshops for staff meetings, days of learning, retreats, or other events.
  • Who delivers the workshops?
    Workshops are delivered by Johns Hopkins and external field experts. Unless indicated with a $, there is no cost for the workshops. For those with a $, the department arranges the fee and process for payment with the speaker.
  • What is the time and place of the workshops?
    Workshops are typically 60 minutes in length, however they can be modified to meet the needs of your department. Workshops are delivered at a location you reserve and a time that is convenient for your department. 
  • How can I request a workshop?
    Complete the registration form one month before your desired delivery date. Workshops are offered on a first come, first served basis and our ability to coordinate the availability of speakers.
  • What is the cost of the workshops?

    Unless indicated with a $, there is no cost for the workshops. For those with a $, the department arranges the fee and process for payment with the speaker.

  • What other resources are available to help my team?

    You may want to contact Human Resources to take advantage of their workshops and consulting services on topics such as team building, group processes, and organizational effectiveness. 

    If you are a JHHS department, Organization Development & Training offers these services. 

    If you are in a JHU department, Talent Management offers these services.


Please contact with questions.

Updated 3/4/2019