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Important Considerations

The success of a flexible work arrangement depends on several factors, such as current job performance and attendance, the ability to work independently, the nature of the work to be performed, consideration of the impact the flexible work arrangement will have on others, and strong communication skills.

When thinking about requesting a flexible workplace arrangement, you should consider your needs along with those of your department and of the institution. You are strongly encouraged to address the following questions as you complete a proposal. These questions should be considered for any type of flexible work arrangement.

Managers can use these questions as a guide as you review a flexible work arrangement proposal. Managers should also refer to Manager Resources before reviewing a proposal.

Flexible work arrangements must comply with all applicable Johns Hopkins and collective bargaining agreements regarding overtime, holidays, vacation leave, and sick time.

Questions about the individual and the job

  • How will the performance of the employee on a flexible work arrangement be measured?
  • Is the staff member knowledgeable about the job?
  • Has the staff member demonstrated good judgment?
  • Is the staff member highly independent and disciplined, requiring minimum supervision?
  • Does the job contain tasks that can be done at non-traditional times or from an alternate work location?


Questions about scheduling?

  • Can arrival and departure times be monitored?
  • Can "core hours" be established for managing peak periods, coordinating work among staff, and attending meetings and office events?


Updated 05/02/2014