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Proposing an Alternate Work Location

As a residential research university and hospital/health system, Johns Hopkins has special needs that require certain services to be available at all times. Managers are responsible for establishing work schedules and designating work locations for staff to complete their assigned duties.

Alternate Work Location Considerations

While most positions require staff to report to official Johns Hopkins locations, the duties of some positions can be accomplished by staff working at alternate or remote work locations on a regular basis. Alternate work location arrangements are very different from the informal practice of staff occasionally working at home. Johns Hopkins offers a more formal option for a flexible work arrangement at an alternate location, such as a staff member's home, one or more days a week.

Working at a remote location should not be permitted unless an arrangement can be made that enables a supervisor to reasonably monitor the work performance of the staff member working from the alternate work location. The employee must also be able to demonstrate that the alternate work location constitutes a safe, private, and productive work environment.

Because of potentially complicated issues with respect to confidentiality of information, equipment, work space designation, liability issues and income tax consequences, supervisors should not approve alternate work location arrangements without first consulting with their divisional human resources representatives. HR representatives will be able to provide advice and to help develop an Alternate Work Location Proposal Form.

Approved alternate work locations will sustain or enhance the staff member's ability to complete the functions of his or her job, and will not present an undue inconvenience to Johns Hopkins, its clients, or the employee's department. Unless otherwise agreed to, working from an alternate location will be a cost neutral arrangement for Johns Hopkins. The arrangement may be reviewed and changed by the supervisor at any time.

Alternate Work Location Proposal

Discussion of alternate work locations can be initiated by the supervisor or a staff member. Staff seeking an alternate work location should submit a request in writing to the supervisor by completing the Alternate Work Location Proposal Form.

Alternate Work Location Proposal Form

Employees are strongly encouraged to review Important Considerations and Alternate Work Location Terms and Conditions before submitting an alternate work location proposal.

Grievance Procedures

Alternate work locations are not appropriate for all positions. Approval of a request is at the sole discretion of the supervisor and human resources manager. An employee cannot use Johns Hopkins grievance procedures to grieve a decision on a request for a flexible work schedule.


Updated 4/4/2018