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Workplace Flexibility

There are many ways to achieve a good work-life fit. One important factor is having some control over your day-to-day schedule and planning for future family or personal needs. Johns Hopkins is committed to fostering a culture of flexibility. We understand that not one size fits all. Flexible work arrangements can make it easier to do your best work while still meeting business needs. That said, not all jobs are a good fit for flexible work arrangements. Ultimately, the decision is between you and your manager. To help navigate that decision for both of you, we’ve posted an online module that provide training in writing and reviewing a proposal for flexible work arrangements.

In the News

Ian Reynolds, director of WorkLife and Community Programs, participated in 1 Million for Workplace Flexibility's Take 5. See what he said about workplace flexibility at Johns Hopkins.

Stop the Clock


Faculty who are seeking tenure may have a need to “stop the clock” to meet family needs such as a new baby or an aging loved one. Each school has its own guidelines related to this arrangement, and you should check with the dean’s office for specific information.

Updated 3/21/2017