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Take the Johns Hopkins Work-Life Pledge

Each of us owns the success of our work-life journey. While it’s true that Johns Hopkins offers a nationally-recognized portfolio of work-life programs and services, each of us must set a daily intention to consistently and positively impact our work-life mix. When enough faculty and staff own their work-life journey, the culture at Johns Hopkins becomes a more professional, safe, and inclusive workplace. 

Submit the Johns Hopkins Work-Life Pledge


  • What is it?

    The Johns Hopkins Work-Life Pledge is an opportunity for faculty and staff to set a daily intention for 30 days by choosing from best practices in five categories known to improve work-life effectiveness. 

  • Why take the Johns Hopkins Work-Life Pledge?

    The Work-Life field is shifting from a sole focus on programs and policies to include a critical focus on culture and climate. At Johns Hopkins we are surrounded by a wonderful portfolio of resources, so wonderful that one might think we’ve got work-life effectiveness perfected. But, we know that work-life fit is personal and resources alone do not create a work-life culture. 

    Taking the Johns Hopkins Work-Life Pledge is an opportunity to put resources and knowledge into action; it’s an opportunity to personalize your work-life approach; and it’s an opportunity to be a champion for work-life culture at Johns Hopkins.

  • How does it work?

    The pledge offers a menu of best practices for you to consider. Choose 1, 2, or more strategies to customize the pledge to your work-life mix. Submitting your pledge to our office indicates the actions you intend to take for 30 days.

    You will receive an email confirming your pledge as well as weekly tips and/or encouragement that fosters a community of support. We encourage you to print the email with your pledge strategies and post it in a place where you will see it daily. 

  • What happens after the pledge ends?

    At the end of 30 days, the pledge period will conclude. You may opt to continue by submitting another pledge where you can select the same or different strategies. Or, you may opt out and request to keep in touch with the pledge community.

    All participants are asked to complete a short survey so that we can learn from you and continue to shape the pledge experience in a way that best meets the needs of those wanting to focus on work-life mix. Your feedback is important to us.

    To build a community of champions for work-life culture, our office will keep track of individuals who repeat the pledge and continue to focus on work-life effectiveness. From time to time, champions will be invited to focus groups and/or asked for input that helps us build a stronger community of support. 

  • Is support and accountability provided?

    We’ve heard from our Pledge Pioneers that support and accountability would help increase work-life progress. As a result, pledgers can join a Hopkins-only Facebook group. We hope this group will:

    • Build a sense of community through discussion and resource sharing
    • Serve as a 24/7 place to share successes and challenges
    • Encourage accountability to those with similar goals and challenges

    There is no pressure to participate; we know that for some, using Facebook makes communication easier and for some it is not a solution. We understand that many pledgers are very busy and that is the driver behind a renewed focus on work-life mix. Please know that your voice of support is part of work-life culture change.


Updated 7/1/2017