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Join Curiosityville to boost your child’s learning


The Curiosityville Pilot Program has closed. Memberships are still available at for $7.95 a month, including a free month trial. We are in the process of working on a Johns Hopkins discount membership so a monthly membership is a better choice. Please check back in the spring for more information.

Curiosityville is a new personalized, digital learning world for children ages 3-8 and their families. A cast of six international, lovable characters guides your child through a variety of learning activities that build skills in 10 core learning areas.

As your child plays, Curiosityville’s data collection and analytical engine, the Learning Tree, gives you real-time feedback about what and how your child learns, plus personalized recommendations for supporting learning at home, online, and in the community. This information will help you get to know and support your child as an individual learner.

Watch a Welcome Video for Parents

Read an interview with Curiosityville's founder, Susan Magsamen, in the Baltimore Sun

Hear Susan Magsamen speak about learning across the lifespan

Curiositville’s online and offline activities focus on:  

  • Math
  • Science and Scientific Thinking
  • Language and Literacy
  • Social Science and Culture
  • Technology
  • Executive Function (memory, attention, planning, and speed)
  • 21st Century Skills (problem solving and critical thinking)
  • Creative Expression
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical and Healthy Development

The learning platform is built for optimal child development and is based on research about the biology of how children learn, educational psychology, and cognitive science.

As your child plays, games get harder or easier, depending on his or her skill level. When needed, your child can receive clues to help solve problems or complete an activity. 


Susan Magsamen, the founder and an owner of Curiosityville, is a staff member in the Johns Hopkins University Brain Science Institute.  The University has reviewed and managed potential conflicts of interest associated with offering Curiosityville to its employees.