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Email Address

Your JHU email account may be maintained following retirement if your department is willing to sponsor the account. Please take action regarding your JHU email account before you officially retire.

If you want to maintain your existing email account, your department must agree to sponsor the account; please read Option A for details. If you do not need full access to your current JHU account, but simply want a JHU email address or your department will not sponsor your account, please read Option B.


Option A

If you would like to maintain your current JHU email account in your retirement, you must request that your department sponsor your email account. Your department must pay a nominal fee to maintain your email account. Please contact your manager or the staff person that handles finances in your department to request that your existing email address be maintained.


Option B

Please follow the steps below to create an alias JHU email address. An alias email will allow you to link a personal email to a ‘’ email. For example if you have a personal email of, you can create a JHU email of Emails sent to either email address will come to so you don’t need to make any changes to your personal email or check two places to find your emails. There might be times when you would like to provide the ‘’ email and not your gmail account.

To enlarge the screenshots below, click on the image and then use Crtl + plus sign until the image is large enough for you to see. Click on Crlt + the minus sign until you return to your preferred font size.

 1.   Log into 

2.   Click on JHED

3.   Click on Email Alias

Retiree alias screen shot
4.   Accept Email Aliasscreen shot of alias email policy

5.   Enter your email address that you want linked to your personal email (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) For example, this person could add in the text box.

6.   Click "Update"

7.   At the bottom of the page, click "Update 


screenshot of where to add custom email

For all other questions, please contact the Help Desk at 410-516-HELP (4357).


Updated 05/02/2014