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Pre-Retirement Resources

Retirement is one of the major life transitions you will experience. Because so many changes occur at this time, we would like to help you plan proactively. Join our staff at one of the events listed below or make an appointment with our Lifespan Services Manager.

Pre-Retirement Seminar for University Faculty and Staff

Each year, we partner with the JHU Benefits Office to sponsor Pre-Retirement Planning programs for faculty, senior staff, and support staff. University employees age 55 and over are invited to a day-long seminar that covers a wide range of topics such as legal considerations (including wills and eldercare planning), JHU Benefits in retirement, and personal financial planning. For more information, please contact the Lifespan Services Manager.

Navigating the Retirement Transition for all Johns Hopkins Employees

We offer a holistic pre-retirement planning program open to all Johns Hopkins employees. JH Retire Right is designed for Johns Hopkins University, Hopsital, and Health System employees who have a vague notion of activities they would like to engage in during retirement, as well as, those who have a well-defined vision for their retirement years.

JH Retire Right can help you by raising awareness of issues that impact retirement satisfaction, assisting you to articulate a vision for your retirement, and providing tools to help you design a strategy for a successful retirement.

You can take part in a two-part program:

  1. A one-hour seminar that introduces you to the many issues involved in planning for retirement. Participants will leave this seminar with 'assignments' such as talking with recent retirees and meeting with a financial planner to begin the process of developing a retirement vision.
  2. Individualized supportive counseling from a Lifespan Services Manager to help you continue developing your plan for retirement and work to eliminate barriers to achieving retirement goals.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact the Lifespan Services Manager.


Updated 11/09/2016