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Grant Amounts & Boundaries

The Johns Hopkins entity that employs you and the geographic location where you purchase a home determine the Live Near Your Work grant amount you are eligible to receive.

Verify Grant Amounts

Check your eligibility based on the Johns Hopkins entity that employs you. Then, use the table below to determine the grant amounts available to you. You can verify if the address of a home that interests you falls within the boundaries by using the map links at the bottom of the table. Use the Google Map link to check an address. Note, the PDF links do not allow you to check addresses.

Checking an address: You may use the Google Map feature to check an address to see if it is within a LNYW boundary. Choose the correct map below based on your Hopkins affiliation (JHHS/JHH vs JHU) and type the address after clicking on the search icon to the right of the word "Boundaries." 



LNYW Incentives by Geographic Area and Johns Hopkins Entity



Central Baltimore (HCPI)(formerly “A1”)



East Baltimore/Eager Park (formerly “A2”)



Remington (HCPI)
(formerly “B1”)



Better Waverly
(formerly “B2”)



All other areas within Homewood and East Baltimore boundaries







Google Map JHU Eligible Areas

JHU Homewood Map (PDF)

JHU East Baltimore Map (PDF)

Google Map JHH/JHHS Eligible Areas

JHH/JHHS Homewood Map (PDF)

JHH/JHHS East Baltimore Map (PDF)

Bayview and Hopkins Home Care Affilliates

You are advised to contact the LNYW program manager for grant availability.

Learn about Featured LNYW Neighborhoods

The Live Baltimore website includes rich and detailed information about all of the neighborhoods in Baltimore City. Visit their website to learn more about neighborhoods where you might want to live.

Eager Park

Johns Hopkins super-grant draws homebuyers

East Baltimore Development Groundbreaking

Central Baltimore


For Johns Hopkins, a 'core' commitment to Central Baltimore 

Harwood, Barclay, and Greenmount West

Linwood and Patterson Park


Updated 7/1/2018

house made of money