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Submit Monthly Cost Verification

  • Monthly Cost Verification (MCV) forms must be completed and sent to the Office of Work, Life and Engagement no later than the 15th of the month following the last date of care for the previous month. For example, you must submit the MVC for January no later than February 15.
    Monthly Cost Verification (MVC) Form
  • You may fax (443-997-6609) the MCV form, however the original must be mailed to the Office of Work, Life and Engagement, 1101 East 33rd Street, Suite C100, Baltimore, MD 21218.
  • If you pay for care on a weekly basis, you may submit 4 or 5 weeks of care at one time (based on the number of weeks in a particular month). The Voucher program will not pay partial weeks or pro-rated fees for employees who pay weekly.
  • A weekly or monthly receipt(s) of payment from the care provider must accompany the MCV form. If you do not submit an MCV for more than 90 days, you will be removed from the Voucher program.
  • You can reapply to receive future benefits if funds continue to remain available.
  • Voucher Reimbursement Dates


*Reimbursement Processing Dates

December 2017

January 12th

January 2018

February 9th & 23rd

February 2018

March 9th & 23rd

March 2018

April 13th & 27th

April 2018

May 11th & 25th

May 2018

June 8th & 22nd

June 2018

July 13th & 27th

July 2018

August 10th & 24th

August 2018

September 14th & 21st

September 2018

October 12th & 26th

October 2018

November 9th & 21st

November 2018

December 7th & 21st

December 2018

December 21st

*Reimbursements can be expected 3-4 days following the processing dates.

Please note: the Office of Work, Life and Engagement is not able to process MVC forms on demand so that your bank account has the funds you need to meet your financial obligations.

Updated 1/11/2018