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Summer Camp Resources

We have cancelled the 2017 Summer Camp Discoveries Fair. Please see the information below for summer camp information.

  • Camps for children ages 6 months - 18 years
  • Day and overnight camps
  • Camps for individuals with special needs

Summer Camps

We understand the excitement that comes along with planning for your child's summer camp experience, and want to help you prepare by providing ongoing support and resources.

You can review camps based on the primary type of camp and location. Camps are linked to their websites so that you have the best and most up-to-date information.

Camp Options

  • Day Camps- Day camps provide care and activities for children during the day. These camps typically offer a variety of different activities and may include before and after care hours.
  • Residential Camps- Residential camps are sleep-away camps that range from overnight, weekends, one week, or one month. "Traditional" residential camps typically offer a wide range of activities and do not focus on developing a certain skill or addressing a particular development need. Residential camps may provide leadership and/or counselor training opportunities for older teens.
  • Specialty Camps- Specialty camps focus on one activity and are typically geared toward improving a participant's performance. Examples include: dance, equestrian, music, and sports. Specialty camps may be day or residential.
  • Academic Camps- Academic camps typically focus on a particular subject such as math or science, though some incorporate more than one area of study. The emphasis is on campers gaining knowledge and having fun. Academic camps may be day or residential.
  • Camps for Individuals with Special Needs- Some camps provide care and activities suited to the particular physical, cognitive, or emotional needs of a camper. Examples of special needs or conditions accommodated at individual camps include: asthma, diabetes, learning disabilities, cancer, and grief and loss.

Camp Planning Tools

The tools and information below may assist you in choosing the best camp for your child and preparing your child for camp.

Online Tool to Find Camps

The American Camp Association provides an online tool to find campus based on criteria you choose.


Updated 2/15/2017