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Register for the Breastfeeding Support Program

Please register for the Breastfeeding Support Program if you use a Mother's Room or if you express milk in your office.

Registering with the program provides us with:

  • The opportunity to send you information about accessing specific Mother's Rooms. Some rooms require activation of your ID and this process can take a week or so.
  • Your contact information so that we can email you about program updates and new resources.

Registering also helps us document the need for additional Mother's Rooms, hospital-grade pumps, and support services. Individual names will never be released as part of our reporting.

Registration Form


(i.e. 123456-7)
JH Affiliation
Show Calendar
Show Calendar
Indicate the Mother's Room(s) that you plan to use.
Bayview Medical Center
East Baltimore Medical Campus
Homewood Campus
Other Locations
Is this your first experience with breastfeeding?
Is this your first experience with pumping?
Do you own a personal breast pump?
The following groups are eligible for a free accessory kit for a hospital-grade pump supplied by the Office of Work, Life and Engagement:
• Full-time post-docs, residents, and doctoral students who are fully funded by a wage or stipend and earn less then $40,000 annually
• Benefits-eligible employees earning less than $40,000 annually


Updated 1/7/2019