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Breastfeeding Support

Johns Hopkins Commitment

Johns Hopkins recognizes the positive benefits of breastfeeding for both you and your child. We are committed to providing you with the information and support you need if you choose to breastfeed after returning to work.

Having a baby is a major life transition. Continuing to breastfeed after you return to work adds a daily activity that needs to fit into your work day and environment. The Johns Hopkins Breastfeeding Support Program is here to help make the transition easier so that you can breastfeed for as long as it is the best choice for you and your baby.


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Program Components

The Johns Hopkins Breastfeeding Support Program includes:

  1. Private, clean breastfeeding rooms (Mother's Rooms) throughout Johns Hopkins campuses, some equipped with hospital-grade breast pumps. (Free breast pump accessory kits are available to employees, post-docs, residents, and doctoral students earning less than $40,000 per year. See registration page for more details earning less than $40,000 per year.)
  2. Breastfeeding Support Coordinator who:
    • Guides mothers on breastfeeding after returning to work
    • Provides referrals, information, and resources
    • Oversees program success
  3. Online resources for mothers and managers
  4. Pumps for Purchase and breastfeeding supplies vending machine (both with discounted pricing)

Please register with the Breastfeeding Support Program so that we can keep you updated on program enhancements and resources.

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Updated 1/7/2019