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Hosting a Mother's Room

Our Breastfeeding Support Program relies on and thrives because of a shared responsibility model for funding, operation, and maintenance of the Mother's Rooms.

Johns Hopkins leadership supports the use of identified private space for employees to express milk because it benefits mother, baby, and the organization, and because it meets compliance issues with the Affordable Care Act.

Some spaces are naturally tailored to becoming a Mother’s Room because they may already have a water source, convenient electrical setup, or card reader access. Other spaces demand more extensive renovation. While the “owner” of the Mother’s Room funds the renovation, we make a financial commitment by providing hospital-grade pumps in all Mother's Rooms meeting program standards and support of Worklife staff.

Room owners tend to be departments located within the building in which a Mother's Room is located. The department chair or administrator typically appoints a specific individual on his or her staff to serve as point person for the program. Once a room is functional, this person assumes responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the space (checking supplies, granting access to users, etc.).

The Mother’s Room Agreement explains in greater detail the responsibilities associated with owning a room. These responsibilities include:

  • Ensure there is a functioning lock on the Mother’s Room door
  • Arrange for registered users to receive an access code for the door
  • Give WorkLife staff access to the Mother’s Room
  • Provide furnishings (e.g., chair, table, and wall decorations)
  • Ensure that the Mother’s Room is cleaned regularly, including regular trash removal
  • Purchase and stock supplies (e.g., disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer)
  • Display promotional materials provided by WLE

The Mother’s Room Agreement also includes the obligations of Worklife and the mothers who use the space.

To learn more about hosting or setting up a Mother's Room, email for A Complete Guide to Hosting a Mother's Room.

Updated 1/25/2017