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Preparing for Your Own Aging

Providing care for an aging family member, thinking about your retirement, or the death of a close friend are all events that can trigger thoughts about aging and the need to prepare for this stage of life.

To give you and your family peace of mind that you have successfully prepared for your own aging, we recommend that you ask yourself these questions:

     1.  Do you have your legal planning completed? 

Have you talked with your family members about your care wishes if you would need assistance due to a medical condition or the frailty associated with older age? (Advance Directive workshop)

     2.  Are you taking care of your physical and mental health?

JHU Wellness Resources

JHH Healthy at Hopkins

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP)

     3.  Are you working with a financial planner on your retirement plan?

JHU Benefits Office

JHH/JHHS Benefits Office


We offer a number of workshops to assist employees as they face these issues. We also offer individual consultations with our Lifespan Services Manager so that you can plan to age well. Email or call 410-516-2000 to schedule an appointment.


Updated 11/09/2016