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Employee Recognition

Johns Hopkins University recognizes that the hard work and dedication of its staff who contribute significantly to the strength and reputation of the university. As a result, we conduct a range of activities that acknowledge and celebrate the expertise and service of university staff.

University Staff and Retiree Milestone Recognition

For every five-year service milestone you reach with the university, you will have the opportunity to choose a recognition award and attend a reception. If you work 20 or more years at the university, you may choose a recognition award and attend the Staff and Retiree Milestone Recognition Dinner.

University Staff Appreciation Fall Fest

For all that you do, the staff appreciation fall fest is for you. This annual event provides good food, games for the kids, and prizes for university staff and their immediate family members.

MLK, Jr. Community Service Award

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Award recognizes outstanding commitments to volunteer community service. All Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, employees, graduate students, and retirees are eligible to be nominated to receive this award.

The hospital and health system offers a variety of programs, annual events, and awards to recognize and reward employees for hard work, years of service, innovation, creativity, customer satisfaction, and commitment to excellence.

Updated 05/02/2014