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Physician & Nurse Assistance

Professional Assistance Committee (PAC)

The culture of medicine is extremely demanding, especially at an institution with a reputation like Johns Hopkins. This fast-paced, highly-technical environment can be extremely demanding on the mental, emotional, and physical resources of physicians. The Physicians Assistance Committee (PAC) was established by the Medical Board of Johns Hopkins Hospital to assist physicians with physical disabilities, alcohol or drug problems, or mental and emotional difficulties that may affect skill and judgment and professional growth.

The PAC works to facilitate the well-being and rehabilitation of distressed or impaired physicians as an alternative to discipline or dismissal. The committee encourages self-referrals from the Johns Hopkins physician community, and acts as an advocate for physicians who follow its policies and recommendations.

All full- and part-time physicians affiliated with Johns Hopkins Hospital, including residents and fellows, are eligible to use the committee's services. Each case is treated with the utmost confidentiality, and all reports of physicians with potential problems are pursued with the greatest concern for all parties involved including the individual family members, colleagues, and patients.

You can reach the PAC by calling 443-997-7000. Your inquiry or report will be referred to a member of the committee for action.

Nursing Professional Assistance Committee (NPAC)

The Nursing Professionals Assistance Committee (NPAC) was established to maintain the safety of patients while facilitating nurses' well-being and rehabilitation as an alternative to dismissal or other disciplinary actions when impairment or disability is a concern. The committee acts as an advocate for impaired nurses who follow its policies, recommendations, and procedures and encourages referrals from the nursing community.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital established the NPAC to support nurses (RNs and LPNs) with behavioral, cognitive, emotional, physical, or substance concerns that impede the performance and safe practice of nursing.

All full- and part-time nurses (RNs and LPNs) employed by the Johns Hopkins Hospital are eligible for NPAC services. The NPAC treats each case with the utmost confidentiality, in keeping with JHH Nursing, HIPAA, safety, and human resources policies and procedures.

You may reach the NPAC by calling 410-614-2961. Your inquiry or report will be referred to a member of the committee for triaging. Reports of nurses with potential problems will be addressed while balancing concerns for all parties involved, including patients, the nurse in question, colleagues, and family members.


Updated 05/02/2014

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