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Making a Plan

During a crisis, you may be unsure of the best way to support your employees. The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP) can help plan a response as part of the Crisis Response Services.

The FASAP director or clinical supervisor are available to consult with you on the same day that you call to discuss what would help the most as you support your colleagues.

Maybe you would like FASAP to conduct a staff briefing with tips for coping with the difficult workplace event. Or, maybe you think having a clinician onsite to offer psychological first-aid to individuals would help. Maybe both of these strategies sound helpful, plus something else you’ve thought of.

The point is that you are not alone as you try to determine how best to support your employees during a difficult workplace event.

Our department suffered a tragic and unexpected loss and we knew that the needs of some staff might be beyond our department resources. I called FASAP and a clinician came the same day to meet with us. As a manager, I appreciate FASAP’s help in mapping out a plan and providing resources and support to myself and my department.

Doris Pendergrass, SPHR
Human Resources Manager