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Resources for a Crisis

Sometimes traumatic things occur which shock us to the core of our being. These experiences can make us feel unsafe and uncertain about what to do. They are outside the normal range of daily life events and may threaten our physical and emotional well-being. They exceed the ways we usually problem-solve and take care of ourselves. It is not unusual to feel out of control.

As we try to process the tumultuous events in Baltimore City and as we plan for the coming days, it is important that we consider ways in which we can support one another through this difficult time.

You might find some of the following resources useful as you support colleagues, staff, students, and children.  


Tips for Coping

Managing Traumatic Stress

10 Ways to Build Resilience


Tips for Managers

Managing a Traumatic Event

Providing Emotional Support in the Weeks After a Traumatic Event


Tips for Helping Children Cope

Talking with Children after a Traumatic Event

         Talking with Kids about News

Crisis Response Services

Crisis Response Services are available through FASAP, offering emotional support for individuals and groups. Consultations, staff briefings, on-site outreach and individual appointments can all be accessed by calling 443-997-7000 or emailing

Updated 04/28/2015

Talk to a Clinician




Clinicians are available Monday – Thursday, 8:30 am to 7 pm and Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm

After hours and on the weekends, masters-level professionals are on call.

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