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Information for Supervisors

What are the responsibilities of the supervisor/manager?

Staff participation in the Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Schools program is fully at the discretion of the direct supervisor/manager. The supervisor/manager must:

  • Discuss and confirm eligibility and the best day(s)/hours for service leave to be taken.
  • Monitor absence for service leave hours and document it using the VOL code on the E210.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with staff regarding their service leave and its impact on job performance and/or business needs.
  • Inform our office at if the staff member is no longer eligible to participate.

University leadership is committed to community engagement and service in the Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS). Supervisors are encouraged to promote Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Schools, inviting individual participation and exploring group service opportunities. This is a terrific opportunity for university staff and the school system and its affiliates to strengthen Baltimore as a desirable and competitive place to live, work, and raise children.

Will participants be able to submit expenses to JHU?

No. Participation is fully voluntary. No out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed, including travel costs, food, and other costs associated with service projects.

Can service time be approved at an organization somewhere other than BCPS?

No, service leave and the VOL code may only be used in association with the Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Schools Program.

Using University Resources

Are faculty and staff able to use university property/resources in their service experience?

In general, service activities should not require special equipment or use of university property/resources. In the event that the use of university property/resources is required, an employee must work with and have approval from his or her direct supervisor to do so. Managers, directors, and administrators are encouraged to work through our office when interested in donating any equipment to BCPS.

Can university property or resources be donated to BCPS?

Donation or disposal of university property is not at the discretion of individual faculty or staff members. Managers, directors, and administrators are encouraged to work through our office when interested in donating equipment to BCPS.


Updated 05/02/2014