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Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Schools

The Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Schools program is a service partnership aimed at providing needed support and assistance to Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS), while maintaining the talents of university faculty and staff with on-site community service opportunities. The program was created under the leadership of Johns Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels with the endorsement of former BCPS CEO Dr. Andres Alonso.

University staff members are eligible for up to two paid days per fiscal year to pursue service opportunities in BCPS. Eligibility and participation requirements may vary by division. You are encouraged to work with your supervisor to determine the best time to participate in the program.

Service opportunities include direct student support, management and leadership assistance, facilities and infrastructure improvement, as well as monthly days of service events where group participation is encouraged.

Note: participation in community service is entirely voluntary, and JHU is neither responsible for the terms and conditions of the service nor liable for injuries and other circumstances that may arise while a faculty or staff member is engaged in community service or while traveling to or from the site where the community service is conducted.

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Updated 01/04/2016