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Service Leave Guidelines

Program Overview

Program Participation

Using Service Leave

Using University Resources

Providing Feedback

Program Overview

Who is eligible for paid service leave through the Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Schools program?

All participants must meet the following criteria and have his or her supervisor approve eligibility and participation:

  • Participants must be full-time, benefits eligible members of Johns Hopkins University.
  • Part-time, casual, clinical/research and/or grant funded/sponsored staff eligibility varies by division.
  • Bargaining unit employees are not eligible.
  • Participants must be in good standing with the university and not currently under disciplinary action.
  • Participants should be meeting or exceeding performance standards.
  • Participation should not impact time-sensitive work and due dates or clinical work. For non-exempt employees, service leave hours do not count toward overtime.
  • Participants must pass a sex-offender check conducted by Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS).
  • Participants who will have direct, unsupervised involvement with children must successfully undergo a criminal background check including fingerprinting, conducted by BCPS. (See more information below.)

Specific eligibility requirements may vary by division:

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHBSPH) Eligibility Guidelines:

  • JHBSPH participants must use service time in 3 hour increments as a minimum which results in a maximum of 5 service opportunities using paid leave. Participants may opt for service opportunities that are longer than 3 hours if desired.
  • JHBSPH participants must be 50% or more on non-sponsored funding - the percentage of non-sponsored funding is the percentage of paid service time for which an employee is eligible; i.e., if an employee receives 50% of non-sponsored funding, he or she is eligible to participate in 1 day of paid service leave.

Are required background checks considered part of the service time?

Yes, but not all opportunities require a background check. Only participants who work with children in an indirectly supervised or unsupervised capacity, and/or for participants that work with children in a supervised capacity more than four times in 12 weeks need a background check. If applicable, a notification with instructions for completing a background check will be sent to the participant. Background checks are provided at no cost to the participant by BCPS Central Administration, 200 E. North Avenue, Room 120, Baltimore, MD 212102. Hours are Thursdays 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and Fridays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The background check application process is considered part of the service time.

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Program Participation

  • What is the process to participate in the Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Schools program?
    1. Initiate a conversation with your supervisor to discuss and confirm eligibility and the best days/hours to provide service in the BCPS.
    2. Click on the green Sign Up for Emails button in the upper right corner of this webpage and select the choice of Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Schools.
    3. When activities become available, you will receive an email.
    4. If you have questions, you can email or call 443-997-7000.
  • Is permission needed to serve in Baltimore City Public Schools during work hours?

    Yes. Staff members must have the approval of their direct supervisor to participate, and should work closely with their supervisor to determine eligibility and best choice of hours to serve.

  • What if a participant is injured during the service experience?

    If injured during a service experience, participants should seek immediate and proper medical attention. Please note that Johns Hopkins is not liable for injuries and other circumstances that may arise while a faculty or staff member is engaged in community service or while traveling to or from the site where the community service is conducted.Employees should submit any medical expenses to their personal insurance carriers.

    The Office of Work, Life and Engagement keeps records of injuries that occur during service leave. Therefore, we request that participants notify our office of injuries by calling 443-997-7000 or writing to

  • Is participation in the Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Schools program guaranteed?

    No. Permission to participate can be revoked at any time if requested service hour(s) conflict with business needs or you no longer meet the eligibility criteria.

  • Is participation in the Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Schools program mandatory?

    No. Participation is fully voluntary.

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Using Service Leave

  • How many hours of service leave are available per year?

    Up to but not to exceed the equivalent of 2 work days (15 or 16 hours of paid service time for a 37.5 or 40 hour per week work schedule, respectively) during the normal work schedule over the fiscal year. Service hours must not interfere with business needs or job-related duties and deadlines. Service hours do not need to be "made up" with work time at a later date.

    Each service experience should be no less than 1 hour (unless otherwise specified), and no more than 1 full day. Certain restrictions may be imposed by a supervisor or division, so it is important to check with management, human resources, or our office.

  • How is service time documented to receive paid leave?

    Service leave is separate from work time and should be documented on your E210 using the VOL code. Discuss with you supervisor the correct amount of time to document.

  • How far in advance should staff request supervisor approval for a service experience?

    Appropriate advance notice should be given, preferably three weeks prior to a project.

  • Is travel time to and from the service experience included in service leave?

    Travel time is included; service time begins from the time you leave work on the clock and continues through the end of your work day or until you return to work later that same day.

  • Can unused service hours be carried into the next fiscal year?

    No. Service days/hours cannot carry over to the next fiscal year nor be added to or used for paid time off; unused service leave will not be paid out upon termination.

  • Can service hours result in flex time (i.e., serve outside of my regular work schedule)?

    Service hours being taken through the program should take place during an employee's regular work hours with supervisor's approval. Service hours must not interfere with business needs or job-related duties and deadlines. Any hours used during personal time (e.g., weekends, after work hours) will not be considered as part of the program.

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Using University Resources

  • Are faculty and staff able to use university property/resources in their service experience?

    In general, service activities should not require special equipment or use of university property/resources. In the event that the use of university property/resources is required, an employee must work with and have approval from his or her direct supervisor to do so. Managers, directors, and administrators are encouraged to work through our office when interested in donating any equipment to BCPS.

  • Can university property or resources be donated to City Schools?

    Donation or disposal of university property is not at the discretion of individual faculty or staff members. Managers, directors, and administrators are encouraged to work through our office when interested in donating any equipment to BCPS.

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Providing Feedback

  • How should feedback about the service experience be provided?

    Following each service experience, participants will have the opportunity to complete a Service Experience Survey, at the Volunteer Computer Kiosk, providing valuable feedback about the site and the program/project they participated in. They may also contact the volunteer coordinator at their school site and/or our office at

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Questions can be directed to or 443-997-7000.


Updated 05/02/2014