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Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Baltimore

Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Baltimore is a partnership to provide needed support to Baltimore City organizations, while leveraging the talents of university faculty and staff with onsite community service. It is one of several initiatives dedicated to supporting Johns Hopkins’ neighboring communities in Baltimore City.

Through its partnerships with local nonprofit organizations and Baltimore City Public Schools, university departments are encouraged to take time to volunteer and make a positive impact on these communities and individuals in need.

Takes Time for Baltimore is also an opportunity to build and strengthen a healthy workplace for employees. Among many other benefits, volunteering with coworkers helps build skills, strengthen relationships, relieve stress, and promote wellbeing. 

University Service Leave Policy

Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Baltimore offers a service leave policy (PDF) for university faculty and staff who choose to volunteer during their regularly scheduled work hours for a maximum of two days per fiscal year with any of the following groups:

Note: While Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Health System employees are not eligible for service leave, the Office of Work, Life and Engagement is available to pair your department with volunteer opportunities in the event that supervisors want to plan a day of service or team building in the community.

Send me emails about volunteer opportunities through Takes Time for Baltimore 

Updated 7/1/2017