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Applications are no longer being accepted for 2019. The deadline was Friday, February 15. Applications for 2020, will be available mid-December 2019.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does my program need to address all of the five key areas (education, health, employment, public safety, and community revitalization)?

    No, programs only need to focus on one of the key areas that the Neighborhood Fund addresses.

  • How much funding should we request?

    Request what is needed for the program, not to exceed $15,000.

  • What is the timeline of the application process? Do you provide extensions?

    The application goes live online in mid-December, and is due in mid-February each year. The 2018 deadline is Friday, February 16 at 5 p.m. No extensions will be provided. Applications will be reviewed in the spring, and applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision beginning May 1, 2018.

  • When providing the financial information on the application, should we provide the entire organization’s budget and expenses, or just the program’s budget and expenses?

    Just provide the budget and expenses of the program for which you are requesting funds.

  • Where can I find the current application?

    You can download the current Johns Hopkins Neighborhood Fund grant application here.

  • If my organization receives a grant, is there any follow up at the end of the grant cycle?

    Yes, at the end of each grant cycle (June 30), all Johns Hopkins Neighborhood Fund recipients are required to submit a report summary, explaining how the funds were utilized and the impact that they made. A brief form will be provided to recipients in June.

  • If my organization was funded in the past, does it impact my eligibility when applying again?

    Although there is no guarantee of an organization being funded in consecutive years, some have received grants multiple times. The only impact that a previously awarded grant would make on future applications would be if the organization used the funds for services or items other than originally intended, or if a report summary is not submitted. In either case, the organization would be ineligible to apply the following year.

  • Does my organization need to be located within the geographical boundaries?

    The organization itself does not need to be located within the boundaries, however, the services for which you are requesting funding must be provided within the boundaries. Review the eligibility guidelines for details about the geographical boundaries. If you are still unsure as to whether or not your services fall within the boundaries, contact Greg Burks at 443-997-7000.

  • How many grants will be awarded?

    The committee will have approximately $200,000 to distribute for the 2018 fiscal year. The number of grants awarded will be determined by the funding each organization requests. 

  • Will it help if I include letters of recommendation with my grant application?

    No, letters of recommendation will not be shared with the committee when reviewing applications.

  • Can we request funding for salary expenses?

    Salary requests will be considered, however, only if they are for direct service providers.

  • If I do not yet have one or more of the required appendices or if I am exempt from having them, can I still apply?

    If you are expecting a document from local, state, or federal government, but do not yet have it in time for the application deadline, please still submit your application and include the explanation. Please also include a date for when you expect to receive it, as it will need to be submitted prior to the application being reviewed by the committee. If your organization is exempt from having any of the required appendices, include an explanation within your application.

  • If my organization receives a grant, is it okay to apply the funds to something other than what the grant was originally awarded for?

    A request to spend funds differently than originally awarded must be submitted to for review.

  • Does it matter who serves as the Johns Hopkins sponsor?

    Any Johns Hopkins affiliate (current employee, retiree, student, or alumni) can serve as the Johns Hopkins sponsor. The type of affiliation does not impact the ranking of your application.

  • What is the obligation of the Johns Hopkins sponsor?

    The Johns Hopkins sponsor simply needs to sign off on your grant application. By having a sponsor, it shows a connection between Johns Hopkins and your organization.

  • What type of programs have been funded in the past?

    These programs have been funded previously.


Grant Writing Tips

  • Clearly identify the needs for your program and how the funds will address those needs.
  • Follow the directions for spacing and page limitations.
  • Have someone proof read your application before submitting.
  • Be very careful when cutting and pasting from other grant applications.
  • Check your math in the finance section; make sure it is consistent with your funding request.
  • Get your application in as early as possible so that any potential errors can be caught and hopefully fixed prior to the deadline.

If you have questions, please contact Greg Burks at or 410-516-2000.

Updated 2/15/2019