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Kinds of Clothing Needed

Because of limited storage space, it is helpful to the agencies if you donate clothing appropriate to the season of the collection.

Donated clothing should be:

  • New or gently used
  • Clean (dry-clean or laundered)
  • Not stained or damaged
  • Appropriate to wear to the office, including:
    • Suits
    • Tailored Separates
    • Blouses, shirts
    • "Business casual" attire including khaki pants (not jeans), nice looking sweaters, polo shirts, etc.
    • Ties, scarves
    • Shoes in very good condition

The general rule is, if you would not wear it because of its condition, do not donate it to someone else who needs to make a  good first impression when looking for a job.

Please divide the men's and women's clothing into separate marked bags before you drop it off. Also, please do not place clothing on hangers as they make pick-up and delivery challenging and dangerous.

Updated 05/02/2014