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Pledge NoW!

You can pledge now to give help for today and hope for tomorrow by: 

1.     Donating online through the Epledge electronic pledging system.
        Use your JHED ID and password to log in.

2.     Mailing your completed pledge form with payment to:

JHU Campaign for United Way
Office of Work, Life and Engagement
1101 East 33rd Street, Suite C-100
Baltimore, MD 21218

Designating your gift

You have several choices if you wish to designate your contribution.

Donate all or part of your gift to the Johns Hopkins Neighborhood Fund to support agencies that serve our neighboring communities and that have a strong relationship with Johns Hopkins and its employees.

Designations made to the Johns Hopkins Neighborhood Fund will help support nonprofit organizations by addressing targeted community needs such as:

·         Community Revitalization

·         Education

·         Employment

·         Health

·         Public Safety

Donate all or part of your gift to United Way of Central Maryland. United Way of Central Maryland will invest your donation where funds are needed most.

Donate all or part of your gift to non-profit health and human services organization(s) by designating the organization’s name or number. There is a $50 minimum for each agency you designate by name or number. On the eWay online pledging system, search for the agency and click on the name of the agency to allocate your donation or check the agency listing.

If you have any questions about donating to a specific agency contact, Meg Standing at  or 410-895-1408.

Confidentiality Policy

The Johns Hopkins University has a policy that pledges and contributions shall remain confidential. It is extremely important that donors know that ambassadors and coordinators do not have access to their pledge information. Under no circumstances should ambassadors or coordinators collect pledges that are not in sealed envelopes, and under no circumstances should ambassadors or coordinators open pledge envelopes. It is acceptable for coordinatorsto to collect a sealed envelope from each person in the department, as long as he or she makes it clear that anyone who does not wish to give is free to return an empty envelope or blank pledge form.