As spring is around the corner and the winter energy turns to growth and rejuvenation, I thought you might like to know about the Johns Hopkins Work-Life Pledge which has grown in leaps and bounds over the past year.

Improve Work-Life Effectiveness

The Johns Hopkins Work-Life Pledge is an opportunity to pursue one’s desired work-life mix with intention and effort – similar to the effort that we put into our careers and other important areas of life. Interested faculty and staff take the pledge by choosing from best practices in five categories known to improve work-life effectiveness. 

It’s clear that many of us value work-life effectiveness, yet we know it’s not always easy to prioritize. The pledge strategies, we hope, are a pathway in this direction: practicing self-care, increasing quality communication, managing technology, working with a work-life perspective, and engaging for personal and professional effectiveness.

Focus on Culture and Climate

The Work-Life field is shifting from a sole focus on programs and policies to include a critical focus on culture and climate. At Johns Hopkins we are surrounded by a wonderful portfolio of resources, so wonderful that one might think we’ve got work-life effectiveness perfected. But, we know that work-life fit is personal and resources alone do not create a work-life culture. 

What started out as a wonder of ‘would this be interesting to people’ and ‘could this actually help’ has turned into ongoing interest by people who clearly want to focus on a better work-life mix. The pledge has been taken nearly 1,000 times which has started conversations that help us think about work-life culture from a new perspective, the individual perspective. 

We know that culture building involves leaders, programs, policies, and people. The Work-Life Pledge is another way we are helping to build a better culture at Johns Hopkins.